Max Minardi

Story-telling folk with catchy pop tendencies. 

"...his Americana Roots sound brings melancholy to life in a way that... I’ve never heard the likes of before."

-A&R Factory

Photo: Bryan Massa

Photo: Bryan Massa

Short Bio

     Max Minardi is an internationally traveled singer-songwriter from Northern California. Echoing artists like Paul Simon, Ray Lamontagne, and Ben Howard, Minardi uses evocative lyricism and enchanting guitar work to bring to life tales of his time on the road. His 2018 sophomore release - Stories - has been called "Hauntingly Uplifting Americana" featuring songs like I'll Be Mine, "one of the most blissful duets since Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglova" and Young & Green, "a folk-pop raver that conjures images of Northern California life.

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Press for "Stories" ep: 

     "Your mind no longer has to stretch imagining how sweet an American Roots, Folk Indie sound would taste. Max Minardi has created the sensual infusion of sound through his 2018 EP Stories. Max shares the same poignant lyricism of iconic artists such as Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits." 

      "(Stories) exudes a well-worn feel of songs sung day after day...folk rock with a wide-open tune featuring tasteful drums and hazy background vocals...


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