Can't Let Go

You told me you were sorry when you stole my heart and
I knew it for the truth as we lay in the dark but
Daylight came and our lies fell apart and you were gone.
I fell to the ground and I lost my way but

I grew a little more than my years that day.
I cried as I bled but I heard them say that life goes on.

On a cold, dark day came a cold, dark breeze.
Would’ve knocked me to the ground but I was on my knees.
Bloodshot eyes. Didn’t get much sleep ‘til I made that deal.
The devil said, “Son, I can give you peace.
You will find love when you fall asleep.”
There you were. It was just a dream but it felt so real.

When I love I leave a piece of my heart for the world to see. When I love at all, I’ve no control.
Now I’m incomplete. Holding on tight with what’s left of me. When I love at all I can’t let go. I can’t let go.

As I left him there, Satan said to me,
“Love it can never be had for free.”
But I kept on moving and his voice began to fade.
When the day does come that I pay the price,
I hope I still see your face at night cause
I tried and tried but I couldn’t fight my fate.

The devil said sorry when he took my soul and
I hung from above while he laughed from below.
I felt old bones growing brittle in the cold and my mother wept. 

Stonger than the Earth

I know he’s just a poor boy, looks nothing like you.
But you should see his face when you walk into a room.
I’ve seen it too. He can’t keep his eyes off of you.
And if you look into his eyes you’ll see, you will see his point of view.

I know she’s just a rich girl, looks nothing like you.
But you should feel her heart when she hears you’re coming through.
I’ve felt it too. She can’t keep her mind off of you.
And if you look into her eyes you’ll see, well you will see her point of view.

Oh so take him as he is now. Know you’ll make it somehow.
Hold him close tonight.
And love her while you still can. Know the warmth of her hand.
Be her shining light. Be her shining light.

One day you’ll wake to find your hair is turning gray.
One day you’ll wake to find your youth has gone away.
This much is true but he’ll still be next to you.
And if you’d look into his eyes, you’d see that he never stopped loving you.

Oh now feel the love within you, stronger than the Earth beneath you.
Lift your voice and sing.
He turned his life around and it’s him that you can’t live without.
He’s your everything. He’s your everything.

One day you’ll wake to find your love has passed away.
And though her body fades, her memory remains.
This much is true. She will live on in you.
And if you think about her eyes you’ll know, you’re gonna see her soon.

Oh now feel the love within you, stronger than the Earth beneath you.
Lift your voice and sing.
She turned your life around and it’s her that you can’t love without.
She was your everything. She’s your everything. 

Scared of the Dark

The morning was cold the last time I was whole;
The morning you left me for good.
The fire still low when you hit the road
From our cabin out in the woods.

I looked for a way to keep the monsters at bay
But they still found their way to my head.
I lay my head down with feet off the ground
So some would stay under the bed.

Take what you need. Take all of my heart.
But before you go, won’t you do me this part?
Check under my bed for the night’s ‘bout to start
And I’ve never been so scared of the dark.

Some nights I feel them creeping in.
Some bites go deeper than the skin.
Some frights will haunt me ‘til the end.
Some fights I never win. Some fights I never win. 

Darlin, darlin come with me. I’ll take us far away and
Far for free to all the things you wanna see.
The road ahead is cloudy but the road behind
Is something we’ve all seen.

Darlin, darlin why the frown? I gave you all my heart.
You let me down but I’ll stick around.
The road behind is rocky and
The road ahead is sure to see me drown.

Darlin, darlin hear me scream or plug your ears
If that will help you dream of spring and tangerines.
There’s good and then there’s evil but
The heart you’ve got is far from in between.

Darlin, darlin leave me be or find a god.
It’s all the same to me but leave me be.
The road ahead is lonely but
The road behind, it tore me at the seam. 

Spring & Tangerines

Lying there, they were seventeen and she knew
Tonight would go just the way she had dreamed.
But In the dark as she fell asleep well he was
Not the man his father raised him to be.

Missing teeth and a missing leg and
His clothes are molding and his hair has all gone gray.
It's been twenty years, since he first left home, today and
He kept his life but be sure as hell he paid.

   Winter steals the wishes we were once allowed to make.
   Spring will bring the burden with a price we have to pay.
   Summer comes with Autumn creeping closer every day
   ‘Til winter comes again to stay.

Lying there, now she's ninety-three and
She's more alone and than she knew she could be.
In the dark she can hardly breathe and
She wishes life had gone the way she had dreamed.

Missing love and no place to stay.
He doesn't quite know why he ended up this way.
It's been fifty years since he first left home, today and
He's still got his life but he's dead in every way.

Seasons ft Pat Hull

I will run, run, run to the ends of my reach and
I will run, run, run ‘til you are all I see and
I will hold my breath until you’re standing next to me
Cause you and I are all we need.

Give it one more chance. Darlin, take my hand.
You’ve got nothing left to lose.
And if you take my hand, you’ll finally understand-
All I need is you.

I will chase your heart to the ends of the Earth.
I will chase your heart ‘til my lungs refuse to work and
I won’t give up though my every step will burn
Cause in love I never learn.

I will run, run, run to the garden where you lie.
I will run, run, run to your grave beneath the sky and
I will hold my breath cause if I breathe I’ll surely die.
I’ll sleep alone tonight.

All I need is, all I want is, all I know is you. 

I Will Run

Take from me just what you can and never bring it back
But if you do I’ll pray to God you cover up your tracks.
There’s nothing like the look of blood on freshly fallen snow but

If you leave, you’d best believe there’s nowhere else to go.

The people in this town have never kept a secret long but
They’ll show the way, to hell today, to souls been doing wrong.

Take from me just what you can. You’d better not think twice.
And if you flee, the thought of me will haunt you in the night.
You’ll toss and turn and yearn to burn in shame of what you did;
Try and find a way to justify all the things you hid.

Take from me just what you need but never turn around.
You’ll find the bones of the man you loved waiting in the ground. 

Doing Wrong

Wide eyes. Hands clean.
Not a care for anything. Not a place to go.
Small town. Big dreams. You stayed and fell in love with me.
Now we’re living on our own
In that covered bridge on Upper River Road.

    Come on darlin, hold me now.
    I want to love but don’t know how.
    Teach me how to live my life for more than me
    And be the man I’m meant to be.

Tired eyes. Dead trees.
Life is never what it seems. Seasons come and go.
Marked slate. Crushed dreams. Try to find a way to breathe
In the place that we call home;
That covered bridge on Upper River Road.

    Come on darlin, hold me now.
    You wanted love? I’ll show you how
    I’ll be the man you always knew would set you free;
    The man you wanted me to be.

Old eyes. Torn seams.
Not a care for anything. Now I’m living on my own.
Long nights. Bad dreams. Darkness calling out to me
In the place we used to roam;
That covered bridge on Upper River Road.

I lost my love on Upper River Road. 

That Covered Bridge

Here is where you left me years ago, my dear.
You packed your things and hit the road.
Now fear is everything I’ve come to know
And everything I knew back then.

    Could I even let you go? If I can I’ll never know.
    When my open arms are empty at the end of every day,
    I’ll take love where I can find it. I did it anyway.

        You had it right. I should’ve known.
        I’m hanging on. You’re letting go.
        They say I’m young but truth be told,
        I grew up scared of growing old.

Gone. I tried to find myself again.
But I lack the strength of better men and
Now my every bit of pride is spent.
And eighty-eight has never felt so near.

Time was all it took for me to heal.
You lied and told me it was never real.
But I’ve come to learn just what it means
To mix up love and misery and
Know that you were only one.

I’ve finally let you go. Now I’ve come to know.
    That my open heart was empty and I let it stay that way.
    All the love I thought I needed, it faded all away.

        They say I’m young but truth be told,
’m quite alright with growing old. 

Growing Old

We live in a day of no thought and no process and
Look for some way to keep lining our pockets and
Friendship is naught but a word like a means to an end.

We get into fights about folks being nosy and

Throw away friends like we’re tossing old clothing,
We give what we want and we want what we never would give.

I’ll be happy when I leave this busy city far behind.
Yellow taxis and old train cars keeping track of all the time. Little lights are flashing in my eyes everywhere that I go.

We bury our brows in the keys of a laptop and
Throw away good sense with ease and we don’t stop
To live in the moment. We’ve nothing to dream or invent.

We fall out of love in the lines of an update
Where nothing is real and so nothing is heartache.
Everyone knows but no one will say it’s pretend.

Give me open air all in my hair and give me room to roam.
In a rocking chair, you’ll find me there- so far from where I’ve grown.
Screened in porch and mailbox posted up along the road and I’m home.

When given the choice, every man finds a meaning
In working a job or the things he’s been dreaming of so
Give all you’ve got and hope to a god that you live. 

Give All You've Got

Fight with all the strength you have
Cause this fine day could be your last.
Tip your hat and raise your glass
To the memory of your past.

Let go of your failing breath.
You lived your days with no regret.
Say a prayer for all those left
And all the tears they never wept.

    I’ve seen aging eyes cry for those who’ve done what’s right.
    Beg for help but been denied and still pushed on.

Cross your heart and hope to die
That for my love you’d live a lie.
Face the fear you’ve felt inside
And know your heart won’t be denied.

    I’ve seen broken hearts find love underneath the stars.
    Joy will rise as doubt departs and we will grow.

        I’ve seen years go by and dreams fade, like the sun, into the night.
        Tell me what you need and I’ll give you all of me.

I’ve seen castle walls broken by lovers calls.
    I’ve made it through and through it all I’ve lived
    And I’ve loved. 

Castle Walls